In addition to voice and fax services, Legato Voice allows you to add text messaging to your automated banking services. In the new media environment, texting has come on strong in the past few years as the communication channel of choice, especially for the under 30 crowd. What is your bank doing to meet the needs of this group? With more people accessing the web via their mobile devices than PC's by next year, the time is now to integrate text banking into your offering.

According to the CTIA Wireless Association, more than 193.1 billion text messages are currently sent each month in the US and that number is growing. This delivery channel is particularly important to the younger demographic who have integrated text messaging into their daily routine. Plus, if you can have access to your customer base via their mobile phones, you'll have a greater opportunity to build stronger relationships with this important demographic.

Legato Voice allows you to offer this feature in two ways:
Stand Alone Text Messaging
Your customer can sign up for this service using their computer or web-enabled mobile phone. First they authenticate using their account number and PIN. Then they will choose a primary account and enter nicknames for their other accounts. When the sign up is complete, they will receive a text message welcoming them to this service. Your customer can then send a text message to your dedicated text banking phone number and receive the requested information in response. CHECK OUT HOW IT WORKS >
Text Messaging from the Voice Response System
Text messaging can be integrated with our voice response system, Legato Voice. Once a customer has entered their account number and PIN, they can select a menu option that will allow them to receive a text message with their balance and recent transaction information. This message is sent immediately. CHECK OUT HOW IT WORKS >