Voice banking is a critical element for community banks and credit unions that use a variety of channels to deliver real-time financial services to their customers. Providing your customers with fast, anytime transactions and account information via telephone, Legato Voice is a core communication channel for community banks across the country. With the push of a button customers can check on a deposit or account balance, find a CD rate, transfer funds and more. Plus, Legato Voice allows your employees to focus on what's most important: delivering great branch service and helping to generate more revenue for the bank. And by combining Legato Voice with Legato Text, customers can receive account information via text.

The ability to integrate voice banking with other self-service channels such as online banking, ATM, and mobile, enhances the value of a voice offering and provides your customers with the experience they've come to expect.

The Legato Voice Banking application is built on the Legato Voice System, which allows for the rapid development and deployment of voice response applications. This enables you to add or modify Legato Voice Banking features quickly and inexpensively. The Legato Voice System supports voice, fax and text messaging functions in multiple languages.

Our Voice Banking solution offers you flexibility, speed, and choice, allowing you to respond quickly to the specific needs of your customer.
The Ideal, Feature-rich solution for Community Banks
  • Software only solution (VoIP) as well as multiple Dialogic┬« hardware configurations.
  • No dedicated hardware
  • Supports virtual environments (VMware and Xen)
  • Easy disaster recovery options
  • Supports up to 32 lines on one server
  • Completely customizable
  • Modify menu options and call flow
  • Several realistic computer voices available - or record your own!
  • With your translation file, we'll support any language
  • Fully integrated with your core processing system, including deposit and loan rates
  • Flexible PIN length and forced PIN changes
  • Includes comprehensive managmenet console that monitors, controls, and generates reports from anywhere on your network